Musk deer,or Siberian musk deer, (Lat. Moschus moschiferus) is a small cloven-hoofed reindeer animal, a representative of the Moschidae family.
The musk deer is best known for producing musk, which is highly demanded throughout the world. This substance has a characteristic odor and is among the most expensive animal products around the globe. As opposed to true deer, male Siberian musk deer lack antlers. They exhibit 2 conspicuous canines, appearing on their lower jaw and resembling tusks. Their canine teeth are up to 10 cm long and never stop growing throughout their lives.
Hunting season – 1.11 – 31.12 Baikal kabarga

Tour duration – 7 days (5 hunting days)

Hunting area – on the bank of Lake Baikal

Weather, area description –  rains can often appear in November. Sometimes it is no more than 4-5 sunny days for a month, windy. The average temperature in November is around +5, with night frosts.
Closer to the end of the month it can drop to -10C or even -20C during the nights.

In December it is mostly cloudy but dry, freezing and snow-free.

Accommodation – a comfortable wooden lodge, full-board.
Means of moving – by car, on foot

Way of hunting – stalking, using dogs of hunting breeds

Physical condition: from average to good (long walking)

Price for the tour/1 hunter + 1 trophy: EURO

Price for the tour includes:

Visa support, meeting&greeting at the airports, transfer to the lodge and back, accommodation (full-board), transfer while hunting, PH service, interpreter service, hunting license and other permits.

Price does not include:

Airline tickets, insurance, additional excursions, hotel stay before and after the hunt,alcoholic beverages,trophy delivery (“dip & pack”, international veterinary certificate, broker service), rifle entry permit (200 EUR).

The route – flying from Moscow to Irkutsk city,then transferring by car to the hunting wooden lodge on the bank of Lake Baikal (around 150 km).